how much price of a concrete mixer?

price of a concrete mixer is very different, related to the brand and model, which concrete a mixer you need to buy.please continue reading.

What is the price of a mixer truck?

price of a mixer truck

7.66CBM FAW 8x4 Concrete Mixer Truck 350HP

The price of a mixer truck is much more expensive than the price of a mixer machine.

price of a concrete mixer

The price of a concrete mixer truck can be determined by many factors such as brand, type, model and size.

For example: if we take the same brand and model, so the prices will be comparable; but if we take different brands or models or sizes, so there exists big differences in prices. The price also depends on where you buy it in China or other countries such.

What is the price of a mixer machine?

price of a mixer machine

The price of a mixer machine is not cheap. It is a common understanding that the price of concrete mixer is not cheap, but it does not mean that the price of a concrete mixer is expensive. The price of a concrete mixer varies from one brand to another and from one model to another depending on several factors such as engine power, capacity of mixing drum and others. If you want to buy an affordable new machine or used machine online, you can find many companies selling them at very competitive prices with free shipping worldwide like [Sell high quality cement mixer truck].

How much is self loading concrete mixer truck?

self loading concrete mixer truck price

The price of concrete mixer truck is based on the brand, model and capacity. The price of concrete mixer truck is different in different countries. The price of concrete mixer truck is also greatly affected by whether it is self-loading or not. In some cases, the cost of portable concrete mixers can be higher than that of stationary ones because they require a separate chassis to move them around and are more difficult to drive due to their small size. They may also use an engine which has been converted for use with a forklift or tractor unit instead of using one specifically built for this purpose.

There are many factors that affect the cost variation within these categories:

  • Brand & Model: Some brands offer best concrete pump supply machines than others; therefore, their prices can be higher than average due to increased costs associated with maintaining high standards during production processes as well as offering additional features like advanced technology options that might go unused but still add value (e g Handles made from rubber rather than plastic). 2) Capacity: Smaller capacity models tend towards lower pricing because they require less material input per cycle – however there may be more frequent stops involved while loading/unloading materials which could lead into extra transportation costs if fuel consumption levels exceed optimal limits; conversely large capacity units tend towards higher pricing due up front investment costs since new technologies must be developed specifically for them (e g larger fuel tanks). 3) Maintenance Requirements: Since these types machines have limited space available inside where dust particles could collect over time without being cleaned regularly then maintenance tasks will need performed every month/year depending upon usage levels.”

What is the price of concrete mixer truck?

concrete mixer truck

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We have many types of concrete mixer trucks: self loading concrete mixer truck, semi-trailer concrete mixer truck, container loading concrete mixer truck and so on. The prices vary according to different specifications.

How to buy a concrete mixer?

buy a concrete mixer

concrete mixer

  • How to get the quotation?

First, you can make an inquiry by sending us an email or leaving a message on our online customer service platform. Second, we will send you a quotation within 24 hours after receiving your request. Thirdly, if there are any questions during the process of quotation and submission of order, please contact us via phone or email at any time!

  • How to talk to distributors?

If you have any questions about our products or before buying concrete mixer machine ,you can talk directly with distributors through telephone call or email. They will be happy to help you! We have professional sales representatives who are familiar with the characteristics and functions of all kinds of concrete mixer . You can consult them for  how to get the right self-loading concrete mixer truck.


The price of a concrete mixer is mainly determined by its quality, performance and size. If you want to buy the machine, we suggest that you choose from our products. They are all  new cement mixer truck and have excellent performance. We will provide you with the most suitable product for your needs.