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Mixers are an important part of the construction industry. There are many types of cement truck mixer and they can be divided into two categories: static mixers, which are mounted on a concrete mixer truck, and portable mixers that are moved from place to place. This article will examine both types in detail as well as discuss how much it costs to rent or buy one at various locations around the country.

What is the cement truck mixer?

Cement truck mixer parts

A cement mixer truck is a vehicle that mixes concrete. It is used to mix and transport concrete from the plant to the construction site. Cement mixer trucks are also known as cement mixer trucks or cement mixer trucks.

How does a cement mixer truck work?

cement truck mixer

Cement mixer truck youtube

The cement mixer truck has a rotating drum that holds the dry ingredients. The drum is powered by the engine, a hydraulic pump, or an electric motor.

The dry ingredients are fed into the mixing chamber through a hopper at one end of the mixer. The air flow in and out of this chamber can be controlled by regulating valves on either side of it.

What are the two types of cement truck mixer?

There are two types of cement trucks: self loading mixer truck and hydraulic mixer.

Self-loading mixer truck

Self Loading Mixer Truck

This type of cement truck mixer is also called a semi-automatic loading cement truck. The difference between this type of mixer and the others is that it does not have a fully automatic feeding system, so you need to manually load materials into the hopper through its top door. Once the bin is full, your next task will be to press the start button. Then it will automatically mix and pour concrete from both sides of its body at the same time until finished mixing before discharging materials from both sides onto a flat surface area (such as pavement).

Hydraulic mixer

This type has a hydraulic system that allows for high precision when mixing materials because it can be programmed by turning valves or adjusting pressure points in order to control how much water gets into your mix before pouring out onto flat surfaces like asphalt paving slabs or concrete driveways/sidewalks where they settle evenly so there aren’t any puddles left behind after they’ve dried up with time

What life expectancy of a cement truck mixer?

Cement truck mixer life

The life expectancy of a cement truck mixer is about five to seven years. The service life varies greatly depending on the type of mixer, but in general it can be said that a 3 yard concrete mixer has an average lifespan of five to seven years.

It is generally agreed that the main reason for failure is due to wear and tear; the engine overheating, gearbox troubleshooting and so on are major causes of failure.

How much is a concrete mixer truck?

Cement truck mixer price

Cement truck mixer price

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  • You can expect to pay anywhere from $150,000 to $200,000 for a new concrete mixer truck. Some older models may be available for less money, but most buyers will probably want to purchase new equipment.
  • When it comes to shopping around and comparing prices, remember that you’ll want to get more than just the lowest price possible—you’ll also want good quality mobile concrete mixer truck that will last
  • It’s important to remember that every truck is different; therefore it’s hard to give an exact price range since each one is unique in its specifications and features. However, you can use our website as a starting point when researching what types of trucks are available out there on the market today!

How to choose a best cement truck mixer?

Cement truck mixer for sale

Cement truck mixer for sale

  • Consider the quality of the mixer

The first step to choosing a best concrete mixer is to ensure that you are purchasing a high-quality product. This is important because it will allow you to have smooth mixing, which prevents clumps and allows for better compaction, durability, and longevity of your machine. If you are getting ready to buy a new cement truck mixer, consider doing some research on various brands available in the market today so that you can determine which mixers are best suited for your needs. A good way of finding out which companies make high quality equipment is by looking at their reviews from other users who have purchased their products before including:

  • Consider location

It’s also important that when choosing where your truck mixer will be stored there should be enough space available for both storage as well as parking during use (if needed).

If you are looking for a concrete truck mixer to be stored on a trailer, consider getting one that is built with its own frame so that it can be easily attached to the trailer. This will allow you to move your equipment around without any hassle and can even save money on fuel costs.


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