cement mixer truck cost

How much does a cement mixer truck cost?

Cement is one of the most widely used materials in construction, and it’s also one of the most expensive materials to transport. That’s why many contractors use a cement mixer pump to mix their own concrete on site. How much does a cement mixer cost? You might be surprised at how affordable they are when you consider how much money you’ll save in logistics fees.

cement mixer truck cost
cement mixer truck cost

How much do cement mixer trucks cost?

Before you buy a used cement truck, you should be aware of its value. The price of a used cement mixer truck depends on various factors, including its size and features, brand, age and condition.

The most common type of cement mixer truck is the drum-type mixer. These are usually equipped with an engine that can carry up to 53 cubic yards of concrete at one time. These trucks can weigh up to 80 tons when fully loaded with concrete or dirt for building projects. Drum-type mixers may cost between $20,000 and $70,000 depending on their size and features such as diesel engines versus gasoline engines; air brakes versus mechanical brakes; front-end loaders versus side-loaders; automatic transmissions versus manual transmissions; etc.

How much do cement mixer trucks cost to buy?

How much does a cement mixer truck cost to buy?

The price of a cement mixer truck depends on the model, size and features that are included in the vehicle. The cost of a cement mixer truck also depends on its size. For example, if you want to purchase an 8 yard cement mixer truck, it will be expensive than purchasing a 3 yard one. If you are looking for a wheel loader then this can also be costly as compared to other types of loaders in the market.

How much does a cement mixing truck cost?

The cost of a cement mixer truck depends on several factors. The size of the mixer and its model are two major considerations when determining the price. For example, a 60-cubic-foot drum pump costs about $56,000 while an 80 cubic foot drum pump will cost about $80,000.

The brand and model also play an important role in determining how much you will pay for your new cement mixer truck. Companies like Caterpillar and Mack Trucks make high-quality equipment that can cost more than their competitors’ products but often last longer as well. Cement trucks made by these brands may be more durable than those made by other companies since they’re made with better materials and engineering techniques. Furthermore, if you choose a gasoline engine over diesel one then you’ll likely save money upfront but later spend more on repairs because gasoline engines tend to break down faster than diesels do (as they’re subject to higher temperatures).

How much does a cement mixer truck cost?

Cement mixer trucks are a necessity for construction companies. These large trucks are capable of mixing concrete, but they also have other uses. For example, you can use a cement mixer truck to mix paint or other chemicals at a construction site. A cement mixer truck can be used to mix concrete in order to create roads, sidewalks and more. The price of these vehicles will vary depending on the size of your project and which manufacturer you choose to purchase from.

How much does a concrete mixer cost per hour?

The cost of a concrete mixer per hour is a good way to compare prices and make sure you’re getting the best deal. It’s important to take into account that there are many factors that affect how much you pay, such as:

  • The type of mixer
  • The size of the truck
  • The number of hours spent on the job


There are many factors that can affect the price of a concrete mixer truck, such as the size of the mixer, how fast it can mix concrete and whether it has any add-ons like air conditioning or heating. However, for most people who need a truck for their job, the most important factor is likely to be cost per hour. This means that how much does it cost per hour (CPH) should be your main concern when buying one because there are other ways to save money than just by spending more upfront; look at buying used trucks instead!

mixer truck cost

Latest mixer truck cost in 2022

Concrete is one of the most popular materials used to make buildings, roads, bridges and other large-scale projects. Concrete has many benefits over other types of building materials. It’s durable, it’s affordable when compared with some alternatives, and it helps save energy because concrete requires less curing time than other building products. But concrete is heavy! In fact, one cubic yard of concrete weighs about 3200 pounds (1500 kg).

That’s why you need a mixer truck cost if you want to deliver this product easily and efficiently to your clients or workers on site. Mixer trucks come in two sizes: small and large. Each type has different applications based on their size as well as how much weight they can carry at once. Smaller mixers are ideal for small jobs where there isn’t much space available or where smaller quantities are needed (such as residential work).

Larger models are better suited for professional contractors who need more material delivered quickly while maintaining accuracy at all times. So how much does a mixer truck cost? Well, that depends on what type of vehicle you’re looking for – but we’ll get into those details later…

What is a concrete mixing truck?

concrete mixer truck

mixer truck cost
mixer truck cost

Concrete mixer truck are used to mix concrete for construction projects. The truck rotates a drum that contains the concrete mixture, mixing it until it reaches the proper consistency. The drum is powered by an engine that can be diesel or gas powered. These trucks are typically equipped with a pump to apply water to the mixer during operation as well as other accessories depending on what type of job they will be used for.

How many yards is a mixing truck?

cement truck

It typically takes a concrete mixer truck (also known as a cement mixing truck) about 30 minutes to fill with one yard of concrete. This means that it can carry approximately 1/3 ton of concrete per hour. Some mixer trucks are designed to carry more than one yard at a time, but most are not. Mixer trucks are also designed to carry different weights of materials depending on the type of job they are going to do. For example, they may be able to carry smaller loads like sand or gravel while other types may need larger amounts like asphalt or cement mixers.

How long is a concrete mixer truck?

cement truck
cement truck

concrete pump truck

You may wonder how long is a concrete mixing truck? Well, the answer depends on what kind of truck you’re referring to.

The length of an asphalt plant, for example, is around 30 feet (9.1 meters). This type of truck is typically used by construction companies who need to mix asphalt together with gravel and other materials in order to pave roads and highways.

A concrete mixer truck can be anywhere between 28 feet to almost 40 feet long (8-12 meters), depending on its capacity and type. These trucks are typically used by contractors or companies that specialize in large-scale construction projects such as building bridges or skyscrapers.

What type of truck is a cement mixer truck?

volumetric mixer truck cost

volumetric mixer truck cost
volumetric mixer truck cost

A cement mixing truck is a vehicle that mixes concrete. The truck has a drum on the back of it and it’s rotating. The drum mixes the concrete, which is powered by an engine.

You may have noticed other types of volumetric mixer truck as well, such as those used for making asphalt or recycling materials. All these different types rely on similar technology to carry out their respective processes, but each one requires its own specialized equipment to do so effectively and efficiently at any given time./END

How to choose a best mixer truck?

cost of new concrete mixer truck

cement mixer truck rental cost
cement mixer truck rental cost

If you are in the market for a new mixer truck, it can be difficult to know where to start. When choosing one, there are a number of things to consider. The best mixer truck is the one that fits your needs, so think about what you need your vehicle for before purchasing.

Having an idea of how much use you’ll get out of it and how much money you want to spend will help narrow down your options. If possible, try out different types of mixer at dealerships or showrooms before making a final decision.

How much is concrete mixer truck cost?

cement mixer truck rental cost

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The price of a concrete mixer is $45,000. However, this figure can vary based on how many features you want and the size of your truck.

In today’s economy, it is no secret that machinery costs have gone up significantly over the past decade. Despite this fact, some equipment costs have gone down due to competition in an effort to stay competitive with other companies and save customers money. For example, concrete mixer trucks used to be priced at around $100K but are now available for less than half that price due to increased competition from smaller companies looking for market share in what has been traditionally a highly guarded industry by large contractors who dominate local markets with their large fleet sizes and resources


The price of concrete mixer in 2022 is much more expensive than the previous years. The concrete truck cost depends on many factors such as engine power, transmission type and capacity, fuel type, and price range. For example a four-wheel drive truck costs more than two-wheel drive ones because it has more power and torque for carrying heavy loads. On average you should expect to pay between $60,000 to $80,000 for a used mixer truck that’s been well maintained with low mileage on it like we have here at our dealership today!If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:+0086 157-1386-6881 or [email protected]!

A concrete truck cost in 2022

A concrete truck is a heavy duty vehicle used in the construction of roads, bridges and buildings. There are different types of concrete trucks based on their functions and size. An concrete truck cost of SINOTRUK HOWO concrete mixer is $ 300,00 USD and a small one costs about $ 25,000 USD. The prices depend on the model type you want to buy as well as its quality so it may vary from one location or supplier to another.

how much does a concrete truck cost?

concrete truck cost

concrete truck cost

A concrete truck is a vehicle used to transport and deliver concrete. The most common types of concrete trucks are called tilt trucks, which have an open bed on the back of the truck where you can pour in your dry ingredients, then tilt it over to fill a form or pour into a mixer.

There are two types of concrete trucks: standard and ready mix. Standard cement mixers are typically smaller than ready mixes, but they still pack a punch when it comes to hauling around large amounts of material. Ready mixes are larger trucks that can make up to 100 cubic yards per hour with its high-speed drum blender system (also known as an agitator). When comparing prices for these two different kinds of equipment, keep in mind that standard cement mixers tend not be as expensive as their ready mix counterparts due in part because they require less maintenance over time (since there aren’t any motors).

how much is a 10 yard truck of concrete?

10 yard truck of concrete price

10 yard truck of concrete price

You can expect to pay $140-$180 per cubic yard for concrete delivered in a 10-yard dump truck. If you need even more, or less than that amount, we have trucks available at different rates.

If you’re looking for information on how much it costs to deliver concrete in a 5-yard or 7.5-yard dump truck, then check out our previous article: how much price of a concrete mixer To Help You Understand How Much Your Project Will Cost . For example: If you need to order a self-loading mixer truck, you can also contact us.

What life expectancy of a concrete truck?

concrete truck life

You may be wondering how long a concrete truck lasts. The average lifespan of a concrete truck is approximately 15 years, but this can vary depending on the type of concrete-mixers and maintenance it receives. In addition to the cost of purchasing a new truck, you will also have to consider the costs associated with maintenance and repairs over several years.

The price tag of owning a new concrete truck varies depending on various factors such as size, engine type and brand name. You should expect to spend between $20K and $40K for new equipment that has been built within current standards. A few companies offer used trucks at lower prices; however these units may not meet current industry standards or have any known defects that could cause significant damage down the road.

How to choose a best concrete truck?

best concrete truck

best concrete truck

The first and most important thing is to choose a truck with a hydraulic pump. Without it, you will not be able to mix the concrete correctly in the mixer and this will result in poor-quality concrete. The next thing you should consider is whether you need a Truck Head for your truck or not. If you don’t have one, then it’s better to buy both at once as they are usually sold together as one package.

If your work involves moving large quantities of concrete from one place to another, then it’s best that you pick up a mixer with an integrated trailer instead of two separate ones because this combination will save money on fuel consumption while allowing you to transport larger amounts without compromising quality control over time spent mixing each batch (as well as making sure there aren’t any leaks).

How to buy a concrete truck?

concrete truck for sale

concrete truck for sale

As you may have guessed, the cost of a concrete truck depends on many factors. The model, size and features are some of the most significant variables that impact how much you’ll pay. A used truck is often cheaper than a new one because it doesn’t require as many upgrades or repairs and can be purchased at a lower price point. However, if you’re looking for something with all the latest technology and features—and plan to use it extensively—then buying new might be best for your business’ bottom line.

Another thing to consider is maintenance costs—even though used trucks have fewer issues than their new cement mixer truck(which means less time spent at the mechanic), they still require regular upkeep and maintenance in order to keep running smoothly over time.

It’s also important to consider the condition of the truck. If you’re looking for a used model, make sure it has been well-maintained by its previous owners and doesn’t have any major issues that will require immediate attention or expensive repairs. A truck with low mileage is also preferable because it means less wear and tear on certain components—which translates into lower maintenance costs over time.


A concrete truck cost in 2022 depends on where you are located and what type of concrete you are using. If you are looking at the cost of renting a concrete mixer truck, it will be cheaper than buying one outright. The cost of owning a concrete truck will depend on whether or not you can find someone who is willing to finance it for a longer period of time at an interest rate lower than what banks offer today (about 6%).If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:+0086 157-1386-6881 or [email protected]!