mini mix concrete truck

Best mini mix concrete truck for sale in 2022

Concrete is one of the most popular building materials in the world. It’s strong, durable, and easy to work with. You can even use it to create a retaining wall or build a house from scratch! However, concrete isn’t just for construction workers—it can also be used as an ingredient in homemade mortar, like the kind you might use for drywall or plastering. In this article we’ll look at some of the best mini mix concrete truck for sale in 2022 and discuss how they differ from other types of cement mixers out there on the market today.

What is a mini mix concrete truck?

used mini mix concrete truck

mini mix concrete truck
mini mix concrete truck

A mini mix concrete truck is a smaller, specialized truck that delivers concrete from the plant to your job site. Conventional concrete trucks are large and bulky, while mini mix trucks can fit into tighter spaces and offer more flexibility in delivery options. Mini mix trucks are used in construction, maintenance and repair work as well as other industries that require concrete delivery.

A mini mix truck is typically smaller than a conventional concrete truck because it does not have to carry all of the material needed for one batch of concrete—it only needs enough for one load at each site. The weight of these trucks ranges from 5 to 15 tons depending on their size and purpose; this makes them ideal for transporting small amounts of materials such as sand or gravel on top of the flatbed trailer attached behind them while still having enough horsepower to move large loads if necessary (upwards 25 tons).

How wide is a mini mix concrete truck?

mini mix concrete truck width

A mini mix concrete truck is 5 feet wide and 8 feet long, with a 7-foot height. These dimensions are important to keep in mind when you are looking for a mini-mix concrete truck for sale. The width of the truck will determine how much space you need to turn around or back up, while the length is important because it affects how much weight you can carry with it at one time. The height will also affect your ability to move around obstacles on the road and get into tight spaces such as garages or small driveways

How high is a mini mix concrete truck?

mini mix concrete truck dimensions

mini mix concrete truck dimensions
mini mix concrete truck dimensions

Mini-mix concrete trucks are typically 3 to 4 feet high, while standard concrete trucks are 4 to 5 feet high. However, you can find mini mix trucks that go even higher if you need them to.

A typical mini-mix truck has a lift height (the distance between the ground and where your materials are loaded) of 8 feet 6 inches. This means that if you load up your truck with a bucket crane, it will be able to lift up to 20 cubic yards of material into its bed.

How much concrete does a mini mix concrete truck hold?

mini mix concrete truck weight

You’ll find that the amount of concrete a mini mix truck can hold depends on the model. The larger the cementmixer truck, the more concrete it can hold; likewise, smaller trucks are limited in their cargo space. It’s important to note that even though most manufacturers have standardized their models by weight rating (weight per cubic yard), some models may vary slightly depending on their make and size.

Of course, price is also an important factor when buying a mini mix truck for sale. Cost will depend on several factors: model type and size; features like color options or carpeting; engine power and fuel consumption efficiency rating; whether you want to spend extra money for additional accessories such as side curtains or cab enclosures (to keep out weather elements).

How to choose a best mini mix concrete truck?

mini mix concrete truck for sale
mini mix concrete truck for sale

mini mix concrete truck for sale

The first thing to consider is the body structure. It should be durable and strong, so that it can withstand heavy weight and pressure. The engine must be powerful enough for long-term use. The suspension system should be stable and durable, so that the whole tipper truck does not shake when loaded with the concrete bucket.

The second thing to consider is transmission type, which includes manual transmission or automatic transmission, etc.. There are three types of gearboxes: manual gearbox (manual), semi-automatic gearbox (semi-automatic), full automatic gearbox (full automatic). However, if you want to choose a mini mix concrete truck with full automatics then you will find some difficulties because they all cost more than others do so I recommend choosing semi automatics instead since they’re much cheaper but still have good quality performance

How much does a mini mix concrete truck cost?

mini concrete truck price
mini concrete truck price

mini concrete truck price

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The mini mix concrete truck cost varies from $100,000 to $200,000, depending on the brand and model you choose. The price also depends on optional features such as auto steer, hydraulically operated dump bed and electric controls.

The average cost of a mini mix concrete truck is around $110,000 to $125,000 for new ones that are still being produced. If you’re looking to purchase used mini-mix trucks or equipment in good condition with low mileage then expect it to be about 30% cheaper than its MSRP price tag which would put the cost at around $79k-$85k


The mini concrete mixing truck is a great tool for anyone who needs to transport cement and other material. It’s not just convenient; it can also save money and time for the user.If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:+0086 157-1386-6881 or [email protected]!