best ready mix concrete truck in 2022

Ready mix concrete trucks are the most popular and convenient way to transport concrete. They have a separate compartment for every component of concrete, which allows you to mix it on-site and save time before you start pouring. Ready mix trucks are usually equipped with rotating drum mixers that work at low speed so as not to disturb the mixture too much. There are also stationary mixer types but these tend to be less efficient than rotary drum ones because they can’t reach the bottom of their compartments easily. Concrete is typically mixed in a ratio of 1:2:3 (cement/sand/water) but there may be slight variations depending on certain factors such as humidity level or type of aggregate material being used.

What is a ready mix concrete truck called?

concrete ready mix truck

concrete ready mix truck

Ready mix concrete trucks are called a variety of names, including:

  • Ready mix concrete trucks

  • Concrete mixer truck

  • Mixer truck

  • Concrete pump truck

  • Pump truck

The ready mix concrete truck is sometimes also known as a cement mixer or cement pump.

Ready mixed concrete trucks are known as “concrete trucks”. Generally, in the US, a ready mixed concrete truck refers to one which is used for transport of ready mixed concrete. Ready mixed concrete is a combination of cement, aggregate and water that has been mixed prior to delivery by a ready mix concrete truck.

How many yards of concrete are in a ready mix concrete truck?

concrete mixer truck capacity

Ready mix concrete trucks are usually between 15 and 25 yards in volume. There is no standard size, but most are between 15 and 25 yards. The larger the truck, the more concrete it can hold. For example, a 23-yard ready mix truck can carry almost 3 times as much as a 4 yard concrete mixer truck one.

What life expectancy of a ready mix concrete truck?

ready mix concrete trucks

ready mix concrete trucks

While the life expectancy of a ready mix concrete truck depends on how well it is maintained, a high quality cement mixer truck will last longer than a poor quality truck. Good maintenance and inspection can help to extend the life of your ready mix concrete truck.

For a concrete truck, there are two types of life expectancy. The first is operating hours. This refers to the number of times the same truck has been used in a year. The second is kilometres driven that year. A truck with low kilometre readings for its age will have more repairs and require more maintenance than a newer version of the same model. In addition, vehicles that have been exposed to extreme weather conditions such as rain or heat may need frequent maintenance to avert future mechanical problems.

What’s the difference between a cement truck and a ready mix concrete truck?

cement truck vs ready mix concrete truck

  • Cost. The ready mix concrete truck is more expensive than a cement truck, but you’ll make up the cost difference in fuel and labor savings.
  • Capacity. Ready mix concrete trucks can carry up to 5 yard concrete mixer truck at a time—more than two times what your average cement truck can manage. This means you won’t have to make as many trips to your jobsite, which saves money on fuel and labor costs.
  • Durability. Ready mix concrete trucks are built specifically for carrying heavy loads at high speeds over long distances without breaking down or slowing down due to weight restrictions on bridges or other infrastructure issues that might affect smaller vehicles like cement trucks do not have these same issues since they aren’t designed for hauling large amounts of material from one place

How to choose a best ready mix concrete truck?

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concrete truck

concrete truck

What are the features of a best ready mix concrete truck?

The good mix trucks should have the following features:

  • A big mixer: The bigger the mixer, the better. A large volume of cement and sand can be added to make a strong and durable concrete.
  • Large capacity: For making one batch of concrete, it requires around 25 cubic yards volume. So you need enough space to store all these materials in one place before mixing them.
  • Big engine: If your truck is equipped with an efficient engine, it will help you achieve maximum efficiency while hauling heavy loads on highways or off-road conditions without any problem. Plus they’re very easy to maintain as well!

What is the cost of ready mix concrete truck?

Concrete Truck for sale

ready mix concrete

Ready-mix concrete is a combination of sand, gravel and water that is mixed together with cement. The cost of ready-mix concrete may depend on the site where you need to buy it. You can get discounts on a ready-mix concrete truck if you buy them in bulk. To find out more about what costs are involved when buying a ready mix truck, read our guide below:

  • Cost of Ready Mix Concrete Truck

The cost of buying cementmixer truck will vary according to the model and size of your vehicle as well as its features such as whether it has automatic or manual controls and how many wheel axles it has. However, there are some general rules when considering costs: * A small mixer costs between $30,000 – $50,000 while large ones can go up to $150k or more.* If you want an automatic truck rather than manual one then expect extra costs around $25k -$35k


In a nutshell, ready-mix concrete trucks are an excellent option for anyone who needs to transport large amounts of concrete. They’re sturdy and durable, making them ideal for long-haul jobs such as construction sites or highway maintenance. In addition, they can be customized to meet specific customer needs by adding extra features like a mixer or tipping mechanism inside the cab.If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:+0086 157-1386-6881 or [email protected]!