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What Are the Best Self loading mixers on the Market?

Most people have heard of concrete mixers. They are the large machines that are used to mix up cement and water to create concrete for construction projects. However, you may not be familiar with self loading mixer. Self-loading concrete mixers are similar to traditional models but they have a number of features that make them more efficient and easier to operate than other types of concrete mixers. In this article we will explain what self loading cement mixers are, how they work and how they can save you money on your next project!

What is self loading mixer?

Self loading concrete mixer are portable, compact and lightweight machines that can be loaded with concrete by the operator. They are usually used with a lorry truck or trailer and can be loaded from the front or rear of the machine.

Self loading mixers are ideal for small jobs where it’s not practical to bring in a larger machine like an automatic stationary concrete mixer.

self loading mixer
self loading mixer

What is the capacity of self loading concrete mixer?

The capacity of a self loading concrete mixer truck depends on the model and size of the mixer. For example, a small truck-mounted unit may be able to handle up to 1 cubic yard (300 kg) while larger models can handle up to 2 cubic yards (600 kg). The type of concrete used also affects how much water you need when mixing it with cement. If you’re using fine sand or gravel instead of crushed stone, then more water will be required for proper curing as well as making sure that all materials are mixed together properly.

How much concrete can a mixer make in a day?

The amount of concrete that can be produced by a mixer in a day depends on the capacity of the machine and other factors. It will also depend on how much concrete you pour in at once, how many times you stop to add more to your batch, how long it takes for you to mix it, and so forth.

Here are some rough guidelines:

  • For small jobs (up to about 100 cubic feet), expect about 8 yards per hour.
  • For medium-sized jobs (between 100 and 300 cubic feet), expect around 12 yards per hour.
  • For large jobs (greater than 300 cubic feet), expect anywhere from 15-20 yards per hour

How do I calculate my mixer size?

best self loading mixer
best self loading mixer

To determine the volume of concrete you will need to mix, first calculate the total cubic yards of concrete. Multiply your length x width x depth. If you are using a wall form system or another method in which dimensions are not given in feet, be sure to convert them into feet (1 meter = 3.28′).

Next, divide this number by 27 to get the volume per cubic yard. This will help determine what size mixer you may need based on what equipment is available at your site and whether it can be transported by truck or trailer. For example: If we have a 12x12x8′ wall section with 4 feet of dirt behind it (16′ high), then our volume would be 16x12x8=960 cubic yards; 960/27=33 cubic yards per foot!

What is the best size concrete mixer?

The best concrete truck need to be durable, reliable and able to handle the job at hand. They should also be easy to operate and maintain, as well as economical. When choosing the right machine for your needs, there are a number of factors you’ll want to keep in mind:

  • Mixer capacity – How much concrete can be mixed at one time? The larger the capacity (in cubic feet), the more work that can be done before refilling is necessary. However, this may not always provide an advantage over smaller models if all you need is small batches on a regular basis.
  • Mixer horsepower – How much power does it take for this particular model? Some machines require less horsepower than others because they have fewer moving parts or are designed differently internally; however if you plan on using them regularly then having more power available will help ensure smooth operation without having any issues due to motor fatigue after prolonged use.* Mixer type/design/materials used in construction

What is the price of self loading mixer?

self loading mixer for sale
self loading mixer for sale

The price of a self loading concrete mixer depends on the size, brand and features. Costs range from $10,000 to $70,000 and include:

  • Mixer – $1-$2 per pound
  • Motor – $100-$200 per horsepower (hp)
  • Controls – $100-$500 depending on complexity and number of functions controlled by them (e.g., automatic shutoff)
  • Accessories such as chutes ($50-$250), hoppers ($100-$300), augers ($100-$300), etc.


The best self loading mixers on the market are those that can handle medium duty tasks, while still being easy to use and maintain. They should also have a wide range of attachments available for different applications.