volumetric mixer truck for sale

A volumetric mixer truck is a machine used to mix concrete or other liquid materials. It is also called a concrete mixer or cement mixer. A volumetric mixer truck is generally composed of an agitator mounted on wheels, which rotates continuously while mixing the contents within the container.

What is a volumetric mixer truck?

used volumetric mixer truck

used volumetric mixer truck

A volumetric mixer truck, also known as concrete batching machine or mobile concrete mixer truck, is a towable vehicle that mixes and pumps concrete on the go.

They are used in construction sites to mix large amounts of concrete for projects such as roads, bridges and buildings. They can save time and money by reducing the need for temporary storage areas where materials must be stored before they are ready to use.

What does a volumetric mixer do?

how a volumetric mix truck works

volumetric mixer truck

A volumetric mixer truck has a rotating drum that mixes concrete with water. It’s considered a versatile piece of concrete mixer because it can be used on small jobs, like pouring the foundation for a home, and large ones, like building an entire parking lot. The mixer also doesn’t need to be unloaded by crane after each use; instead it can remain stationary while crews fill its hopper with new materials. This is especially useful when you’re working on complicated projects where it’s difficult to access all areas at once—like constructing new buildings or installing underground utilities.

How many yards can a volumetric concrete truck hold?

mixer truck size

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There are several different types of volumetric concrete trucks, but the most common ones can hold a maximum of 2 yards per load. Although this may seem small, it’s actually more than enough for smaller projects or construction sites. If you’re working on something larger, however, then you’ll want to choose a truck that can hold 3 to 8 yards at once. For example:

  • A 3-yard volumetric mixer will be good for small residential jobs or smaller commercial buildings
  • A 4 yard concrete mixer truck is perfect for most small and medium-sized commercial buildings because they’re typically around 100 feet tall
  • A 5 yard concrete mixer truck is great if you need more concrete than what’s provided by a 4-yard model but don’t want to spend extra money on an 8-yard model

What life expectancy of a volumetric mixer truck?

volumetric truck

volumetric mixer trucks

A volumetric mixer truck is a machine that is used to mix materials in large quantities. This machine can be used to mix concrete, asphalt and other materials that need to be mixed in large quantities. The life expectancy of this mixer truck is determined by various factors such as the type of material being mixed and how often the mixer is used. A volumetric mixer truck has many benefits but also some disadvantages which should be considered before purchasing one.The same is true for self-loading concrete mixer trucks.

How to choose a best volumetric mixer truck?

volumetric truck

Before you decide to buy a volumetric mixer or ready mix trucks, there are some things that you should consider.

  • Choose a volumetric mixer truck that is easy to operate and maintain. The volumetric mixer truck should be simple enough so that it can be operated by anyone who has basic knowledge about the machine. The machine should also be easy to maintain because if the maintenance cost is too high, then your business will suffer from losses.
  • Choose a volumetric mixer truck with a good warranty. Before buying any machinery, always ensure that there is at least one year of warranty on its parts so as to ensure their durability and better performance in future use of your business operations.* Make sure that you choose a durable brand with proven reputation for quality products so as not waste money on repair costs often due to poor quality products which do not last long before breaking down again

How much are volumetric concrete trucks?

volumetric mixer truck for sale

volumetric mixer truck cost

Volumetric concrete trucks are essentially dump trucks with a volumetric mixer installed in the back. They can be used to mix and pour concrete and asphalt, or any other material that can be poured into a drum-style mixer hopper.

The cost of volumetric mixer trucks depends on the model, size of the truck and whether it’s new or used.new cement mixer truck from $150,000 to $200,000 while most used models sell for under $100,000.

There are pros and cons to buying new or used equipment; you’ll have to weigh these factors based on your needs before you commit to purchasing one of these vehicles.


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