The difference between two concrete mixer trucks

Concrete mixer trucks and self-loading concrete mixers have one thing in common: they both are able to mix concrete. But as for their purpose, that’s not the same.


1.The difference

2.Why self-loading mixer trucks are more popular


concrete mixer trucks

The difference

Self-loading concrete mixer truck and concrete mixer truck have the same function of transporting and mixing of concrete. You can clearly see their difference on appearance. Usually, the concrete mixer truck is larger than the self-loading concrete mixer truck. The cab of the concrete mixer truck is like some other trucks, such as dump trucks, and the cab is in front of the mixing tank. While the cab of the self-loading concrete mixer truck is more like a operation room, and is beside the mixing tank.

With the self-loading concrete mixer truck, it is much more convenient for workers to unload the mixed concrete from the drum into a new place. No need more manpower and time to do so. Self-loading mixer can match with almost kind of mixer truck.

The self-loading concrete mixer truck is mainly composed of a mixing drum, a loading and unloading mechanism, a water supply system and a prime mover. It can be driven by diesel engine or electric motor as the power source. The mixer truck is used in large-scale construction projects to fill the concrete on site.

Why self-loading mixer trucks are more popular

Today is an age of technology, and to compete for the market share must be based on technology. The self-loading concrete mixer truck is a high-tech production equipment, which makes small concrete mixing trucks more competitive in the field of construction. The introduction of this new technology represents a breakthrough in small construction machinery.

Self-loading mixer truck is a new type of concrete machine capable of producing and transporting concrete. The operator can load and unload the cement, sand, stone and other materials through the rear door by himself without making any auxiliary arrangements. This greatly saves labor costs so as to improve construction efficiency and reduce construction costs.

The small self-loading mixer truck, like a 2.6m3 self-loading concrete mixer truck can arrive. The cost of traditional mixer trucks are expensive while small self-loading mixer trucks only need the price of raw materials, which is much cheaper. Traditional mixer trucks often waste time while small self-loading mixer trucks don’t. What’s more, the materials can be unloaded on site immediately after mixing.

The self-loading concrete mixer is the most advanced and efficient silo type concrete mixer. It takes advantage of the rotation and vibration speed of two independent gear transmissions to achieve double direction movement and get a more uniform transport effects under every condition. The self-loading concrete mixer has excellent performance and can save labor costs.


In a word, the appearance and application of self-loading concrete mixer truck has solved the thorny problems in the construction of midsize projects, and also brought the change in the efficiency of small projects. It represents a technological change, an innovative application and the gospel of thousands of projects.

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