self-loading concrete mixer truck

1.2m3 Self-loading Concrete Mixer Truck | New

Mileages:Brand New
Rated Power:55kw
Oil Tank:16 Liters
Total Hydraulic System Capacity:63 Liters
Water Tank:400 Liters

1.2m3 self-loading concrete mixer truck The vehicle is powered by a Cummins 4BTA + E6 engine with 57kW power and features an advanced electrical system for precision control of on-board equipment. It has a huge dump box largely extending over the tractor cabin and can be fully unloaded in a single operation with a hydraulic hoist. The dump box can be raised to three different heights, making loading and unloading easier while reducing product loss, its mobile system incorporating all possible safety systems gives additional peace of mind in all circumstances

1.2m3 Self-loading Concrete Mixer Truck
1.2m3 Self-loading Concrete Mixer Truck


1.The 1.2cbm drum tank can be rotated 270 degrees horizontally.

2.4*4 four-wheel drive, torque converter drive belt open gear oil pump.

3.The maximum speed of 1.2m3 self-unloading concrete mixer can reach 23km/h.

4.The 1.2cbm self-loading concrete mixer truck uses a water flow meter for water flow control. It ensures good quality of concrete.

5.High quality engineering tires for most jobs.

6.Equipped with an accurate loader weighing system for aggregate and cement weighing to meet precise concrete formulation requirements.