used concrete mixer truck

used concrete mixer truck for sale in 2022

A used concrete mixer truck is a machine that mixes concrete, mortar and other building materials in order to create a homogeneous mixture. Concrete mixer trucks are used in construction as well as mining operations. They can be either stationary or mobile and can be powered by diesel engines of up to 100 horsepower (75 kW).

How much does a concrete mixing truck cost?

concrete mixer truck price

Concrete mixer trucks are available in many different sizes and price ranges. The type of concrete mixer truck you purchase will depend on your specific needs and requirements. Concrete mixers vary greatly in cost, but the average price is between $50,000 and $75,000 for a new machine. You can also purchase used machines from as low as $15,000 to as high as $150,000 depending on the condition of the vehicle and its features.

used concrete mixer truck
used concrete mixer truck

Is it worth buying a cement mixer?

cement mixer truck for sale

A 3 yard concrete mixer truck can be a great investment for your business. You’ll need to consider the cost of buying and maintaining a used concrete mixer truck before making your decision.

A new, modern model of concrete mixer truck can cost up to $150,000 USD, but if you’re looking for a used one, expect to pay between $10-40,000 USD.

There’s no set life expectancy for these vehicles as they depend on how well they’re maintained and used. The newer models tend to last longer than older ones because of their advanced technology and construction materials (such as carbon fiber).

What life expectancy of a used concrete mixer truck?

used concrete mixer truck life

Life expectancy is a hard thing to define. It’s not as simple as saying that something lasts for so many years, because it depends on the environment and use of the product. A well-maintained car could last longer than a poorly maintained one.

The average life expectancy of a volumentric mixer truck is 10-15 years if it is used in normal conditions with regular maintenance and cleaning by trained personnel. It can go up to 20 years if you take care of them properly, but there are no guarantees that they will last more than 15 years unless they are kept in good condition at all times.

If you want to know how long your concrete mixer truck will last, you must consider its condition before buying it or renting one from us. It needs regular cleaning by trained professionals who know how much pressure should be applied when cleaning different parts of these vehicles so as not damage them unnecessarily during this process which could increase their chances breaking down prematurely due to excessive wear caused by improper maintenance practices such as neglecting routine inspection checks or failing not maintaining proper lubrication levels on moving parts like gears or bearings etcetera…

How to choose a best used concrete mixer truck?

best cement mixer truck

best cement mixer truck
best cement mixer truck
  • The first thing to consider is the cost of advance mixer truck. This includes the purchase price, licensing fees and registration costs, as well as any other relevant fees that may be associated with purchasing it.
  • Next you should consider what it will cost you to maintain your vehicle over time so that you can use it safely and reliably for years to come (if possible). This might include parts like oil filters or batteries that need replacing every once in a while; tires worn down by weather conditions or heavy loads; filters for internal systems such as air conditioning units; gasoline for fueling up on trips between jobsites; new paint jobs due to accidents or scratches from rocks/debris flying off trucks ahead of yours on freeway ramps [etc].
  • You also need money saved up just in case something breaks down while driving between jobsites during peak times—especially since no one likes being stuck on freeways during rush hour traffic! It’s always better safe than sorry when dealing with vehicles like these because they’re expensive investments worth protecting against breakdowns whenever possible (think electrical malfunctions due to overheating components).

How much does a used concrete mixer truck cost?

used concrete mixer truck price

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The cost of a used concrete mixer truck can vary greatly depending on the type and model, as well as its condition. The location of the sale is also important, as you’ll generally pay more for a used concrete mixer truck in an area with higher demand.

used concrete mixer truck price
used concrete mixer truck price

In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $20,000 to $35,000 for a standard-sized concrete mixer truck that’s fairly new (less than five years old). If you’re shopping around and find something similar but not quite in good enough shape or with all the features you need to make it work well for your business, don’t forget that some companies offer refurbished models at competitive prices!


In conclusion, the most important thing is to choose a good quality used concrete mixer truck. The price of a second-hand self loading concrete mixer truck can be much lower than an equivalent new machine, but you need to make sure that it has been well looked after and will give you years of service. If possible ask for a test drive before buying or at least inspect the vehicle thoroughly so that there are no hidden problems with its equipment. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:+0086 157-1386-6881 or [email protected]!