What are the components of the self-loading mixer truck?

Mixing drum

Mixing drum is driven by the powerful motor, realizing quick and thorough mixing with high quality. In addition, mixer truck, double-axis concrete mixer also has advantages of large capacity, good uniformity and so on.


The bottom of the mixer truck is the chassis, used to support the mixer; with its powerful engine it provides power and can ensure that the machine can operate continuously.


The small resting room provides perfect working process.It’s easy to assemble and disassemble,high efficiency.An attractive appearance as well as a compact structure,all parts in perfect harmony with each other.

Water supply system

A self-contained water supply system ensures continuity of the machine. In case of heavy rainfall, simply switch on the water supply to ensure continuous operation of your machine.

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic system is the core of unloading, which through continuous improvement of the equipment to provide customers with a better product. It is equipped with power steering oil pump and large capacity hydraulic pump for unloading application, easy operation, fast flow rate and high efficiency.

Now that you have understood the composition of the self-loading mixer truck, if you want to consider starting it, please contact us, we have one-to-one dedicated customer service.