4 yard concrete mixer truck for sale in 2022

4 yard concrete mixer truck is one kind of dry mix concrete truck, which has 4 cubic yards capacity. It is often used for large construction projects. If you want to buy a 4 yard concrete mixer truck, here are some important things you should know first.

What is a 4 yard concrete mixer truck?

4 yard concrete mixer truck

If you’re looking for a 4 yard concrete mixer truck, it’s important to understand what this type of equipment entails. A 4 yard concrete mixer truck is a large vehicle used to transport and mix large quantities of concrete at construction sites. It can be used to mix the dry ingredients that go into making concrete and then carry those ingredients out where they are needed, or it can be used as a mixer on site. The latter is more common, as mixing wet cement on site is messy and hazardous work, but either way you’ll need one or more trucks if you want your project to come together quickly and efficiently.

What are the advantages of 4 yards concrete mixer truck?

The advantages of concrete mixer truck

  • Save time and labor: 4 yards concrete mixer truck can load, transport and discharge in one operation, which saves a lot of labor cost.
  • Save money: In addition to saving time and labor, it also saves money. Because the efficiency of mixing is high and the material consumption is low. The production efficiency will be greatly improved by using this machine.
  • Save fuel: 4 yards concrete mixer truck with diesel engines can save fuel costs by reducing exhaust emissions and noise pollution caused by combustion engines when they are operating at low speeds or idling (such as during loading).
  • Save environment: The fuel consumption rate per unit area is greatly reduced due to its high efficiency in mixing materials, which means less carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere during operation process!

How much is a 4 yard concrete mixer truck?

4.0m3 Self-loading Concrete Mixer Truck | New

4 yard concrete mixer truck is not like other trucks, because it has a special configuration. It will be more expensive than a normal truck, but you can still buy one for less than $100,000. The price depends on the brand and model that you choose, as well as accessories and condition of the machine.

4 yard concrete mixer truck Manufacturer

  •  The price of your 4 yard concrete mixer truck will depend on which manufacturer made it. There are some manufacturers that make all types of construction equipment, while others only focus on making concrete mixers or trailers for hauling materials around in construction projects. The model may also have an impact on pricing because each manufacturer has different parts with varying quality levels; this means that some models might be made with better materials than others even though they are both identical looking externally (i

How to choose a high-quality 4-yard concrete mixer truck?

 Concrete Mixer Truck

high-quality concrete mixer truck

  • The quality of tires is very important, because the tire life is not short. You can check whether it is suitable for your road condition and whether it is with good thread.
  • Engine: The engine should be made by a famous brand, such as Caterpillar or Cummins. After all, there are many small manufacturers who produce this kind of equipment in China and India. They cannot provide you with an excellent product at low prices. If you buy cheaper products from them, their poor quality will ruin your business soon after purchase!
  • Cab: The cab must be durable and comfortable for use in long-term operation!

The chassis has a smooth driving performance on different roads (such as asphalt roads), which enhances its ability to carry various types of cargoes such as concrete mixers and other vehicles weighing up to 120 tons without being overloaded at all times!

In addition, we also need to pay attention when choosing electrical system because its function affects our lives greatly! For example: How many times do I need my car key? How long do I want my car battery life? Do I want my car headlights working well when it’s dark outside?what are the three types of concrete mixers?

Where to buy 4 yard concrete mixer truck?

4 yard concrete mixer truck

The next step is to find the right supplier. When looking for the best  supplier of  concrete mixer trucks, you will want to make sure they are a reputable dealer. You should also look at their reputation, warranty and customer service. It’s also important to find out how their return policy works and if there are any hidden fees or costs associated with buying from them.


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