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A cement mixer truck, also known as a concrete mixer truck, is a vehicle that is used to mix cement. They are often used by construction companies and other contractors when they are working on large projects. Cement is usually mixed with water to form concrete—a mixture that hardens over time. The amount of water used in the mixture will determine how strong the concrete will be when it dries. A cement mixer truck allows you to easily transport the necessary ingredients for making concrete from site-to-site without any hassle or spills along the way!

What is a cement mixer truck called?

cement mixer truck

You may have never thought about it, but there’s a lot of terminology that can be used to refer to a cement mixer truck. One of the most common terms is “cement mixer truck” or “cement pumper” (also referred to as a concrete mixer truck). But did you know that there are other terms for this type of vehicle as well? For example, another name for this particular kind of equipment is called a “cement pump” or simply “pump.” Some people prefer using this term because it sounds less industrial than others (e.g., cement mixer truck). Regardless of your preference on how you want to refer to this type of vehicle and its function, one thing is clear: no matter what you call them, these machines play an important role in the construction industry!

What is the difference between a cement truck and a concrete truck?

cement mixer truck

cement mixer truck and concrete truck

You may be wondering what the difference is between a cement mixer truck and a concrete truck. A cement mixer truck mixes wet concrete and water, while concrete trucks transport dry concrete. A cement mixer truck can also be used to mix and transport dry concrete.

So, if you need to transport wet or dry concrete, then you’ll need a cement mixer truck!

self-loading mixer truck

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If you need to mix during transportation, then we recommend a self-loading mixer truck, which can meet your needs.

What is the purpose of concrete mixer truck?

A concrete mixer truck is a vehicle that mixes various types of concrete and other ingredients for the construction industry. It can be used to mix concrete on site, in a central location, or at a central location and then delivered by truck to its final destination.

What is the capacity of a cement mixer truck?

The capacity of cement mixer truck depends on the type of mixer truck, weight of the mixer truck, size of the mixer truck and load capacity.

What is the proper mix for concrete?

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To get a good quality concrete with the right mix, you need to know the proper ratio between sand, gravel and cement. This is because there are various types of sand and gravel available in the market. Each type has its own characteristic strength and absorption rate. If you use the wrong type of sand or gravel at home then your concrete will not be strong enough and will also crack easily.

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The ratio for mixing water and cement should be 1:3 or 1:4 depending on your requirement. To make sure that the mix is correct one should always mix it slowly while adding small amounts of water so that they do not break down due to excess heat generated during mixing process.

How thick should a concrete slab be?

The thickness of your concrete slab will depend on the type of material you are using and the purpose of your slab. For example, if you want to lay down a driveway or patio then it is recommended that you use a thinner slab so that it doesn’t crack when heavy vehicles drive over it. If you are going to use this area as a garage floor, then it should be thicker in order to support heavy machines and equipment.

Typically, slabs are around 25mm thick but can range anywhere between 20mm-50mm depending on the material used and its intended use. We recommend that when laying a new garage floor or other similar applications, you get quotes from several different suppliers before deciding which supplier offers the best price for quality service (also known as value engineering).


In conclusion, concrete mixer trucks are used to transport concrete and other materials. These trucks can be used for many different jobs such as paving roads or building houses. The main difference between concrete mixer trucks and cement mixer trucks is that the latter are designed specifically for mixing cement while the former has a wider range of applications including also transporting other products such as water or sand.